How to store matcha properly?



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The color of tea powder basically reflects the quality of tea​
The color of the tea powder on the top of the picture is fresh and bright​
The tea powder at the bottom of the picture is obviously yellowish​

The storage of tea powder is very important​
Hot and humid spring and summer in Hong Kong​
Plus the little clerk has all kinds of tea/tea powder🙈​
It takes time to consume, and the tea powder will be packed in a dense bag first​
Then put it in the refrigerator to prevent the tea powder from attracting the smell of other foods​

Of course, Ruoguo tea lovers use tea powder faster​
Simply store in a cool and dry place​


#LearnMatchaEasy - Storage​

The quality of matcha can be indicated by the colour sometimes.​
You can see the colour is more vibrant for the matcha on the top and more yellowish for the bottom one. ​

Temperature and humidity can seriously affect the quality of matcha. ​
Matcha should be stored in cool and dry area and avoid direct sunlight. ​
We suggested to store the matcha inside the fridge especially in Hong Kong, which is hot and humid during spring / summer. ​
It would be more ideal if the matcha put inside a zip lock bag before putting into the fridge. It helps to avoid absorbing other food flavour. ​

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