Order your own matcha (thin tea)

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There are two main ways to drink matcha:

  • Thin tea is made by brushing thin bubbles on the tea. The method of making it is called diancha
  • Strong tea is made with more powder and less water than thin tea to make a cup of strong tea soup. The production method is called practicing tea
  • Let's talk about some tea this time

Although learning how to order tea requires a lot of practice, it's annoying if you don't make much progress after trying it a few times. I have filmed a video introduction before, but many friends still don't understand! So I decided to shoot/explain one more time and explained the trick of each step.

★ Tools/Materials ★
* Matcha bowl* Tea whisk* Teaspoon* Dry cloth* Matcha 2g* Hot water 50-60ml

★ Not required ★* Kitchen scale
* teacup with tea whisk* powder sifter* tea scoop

Matcha powder and tools can be found in drinking matcha special page and tea props special page.

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