How to make iced matcha

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Here is the iced matcha recipe:


- 6g of ceremony grade matcha

- 90mL hot water (ideal temperature is 80 to 90 degrees)

- 20mL room temperature water

★ Steps ★

1) Use a powder sieve to sift the tea powder to avoid grains

2)Pour in 30mL hot water and slowly whisk it into thick tea paste

3) Pour in 60mL hot water and whisk the tea

4) Finally, add room temperature water, and then gently whisk the tea to ensure that the tea is completely mixed.

5) Add an appropriate amount of ice cubes to the glass, then pour in the matcha, and you can enjoy delicious iced matcha!

Notes on iced matcha:

  • Iced matcha is easy to form grains. Observe the tea texture and adjust the water temperature based on experience.
  • For matcha powder, it is recommended to use higher grade of ceremonial matcha.

★Recommend tea powder★

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Marukyu Koyamen Recommendation

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