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How about tea powder/tea whisk/tea bowl?

tea powder

  1. Green tea (matcha, sencha, hojicha, brown rice tea, etc.) is made from fresh tea leaves, which should be sealed in opaque bags/cans and avoid hot environments to slow down oxidation. But oxidation will still occur naturally, so buy early and enjoy early
  2. Regardless of whether it is opened or not, tea powder is best stored in a refrigerator at 0-4ºC, which can slow down the oxidation of tea powder
  3. Warm up at room temperature when taking it out of the refrigerator (people in a hurry can warm it up with the palm of your hand or put it on a hot water bottle to warm up quickly)
  4. Take a pat before opening to let the tea bag/tea can loosen before opening, so as to prevent the tea powder inside from absorbing moisture due to temperature difference
  5. Packed in bags: Squeeze away the excess air before using it and clamp it firmly with a clip
  6. It would be better to re-enclose the solid bag outside the powder bag/can

tea whisk

  1. When using the tea whisk for the first time, soak it in hot water for 20 minutes to let the tea whisk disperse first
  2. You need to soak in hot water for a while before use, so that the tea powder that was previously held in the tea whisk will fall off naturally.
  3. After use, the tea whisk can be rotated to wash off the tea powder, no need for detergent!
  4. If there is tea powder that cannot be washed away, use a toothbrush/toothpick to gently sweep it away
  5. After washing the tea whisk after use, please insert the tea whisk on the tea whisk holder to keep it loose


  1. Tea bowls can be treated as usual
  2. Before each use, soak in hot water to reduce the temperature difference of tea powder. After wiping it dry, put the tea powder to avoid the water powder from clinging to the tea powder

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How many months is the best consumption date (taste period) for matcha?

MatchaEasy tea is easy to buy Marukyu Xiaoshanyuan Japanese tea/tea powder, which usually has a best use date/taste period of 4-6 months when it is sent. Other non-Matcha pre-ordered Japanese teas will also be available for 4-6 months. For other brands of Japanese tea/matcha powder, please check the relevant product details. Regardless of the date, keeping Japanese tea in the refrigerator can effectively reduce the oxidation rate.

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Is tea that has passed its best before date still usable?

The tea itself will rarely go rancid unless water seeps into it, but the aroma/color/taste of the tea will slowly slip away.

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Is your tea powder authentic? how to know

The Japanese tea imported by, including the Marukyu Oyamaen matcha powder, is supplied by designated Japanese vendors, and will be delivered from Japan to Hong Kong by the fastest express to reduce the temperature difference during transportation and ensure the freshness of the tea powder.

The products of Marukyu Koyamaen are the objects of counterfeiting in some countries. In response to this situation, Marukyu Oyamaen added a special QR code to the Japanese tea sold overseas.

You can go to Google Play / Apple App Store to download the Marukyu Koyamaen app and scan the product QR code to confirm the authenticity. Remove the protective stickers before checking. Please note that in order to avoid a large number of copying of the authenticity code, the first 3 scans of the QR code will display the authenticity. The goods you buy may not be genuine.

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How to take care of powder / chasen / matcha bowl?

Tea powders

  1. Green tea (including matcha, sencha, houjicha, genmaicha, etc.) are made of fresh tea leaves w/o fermentations thus may oxidise easily. Try to use sealed bag / tin and that avoids sunlight and heat to reduce oxidisation speed. Still, oxidisation will occur, thus finish the teq earliest.
  2. Opened or not, place tea in refrigerator (0-4C) to reduce oxidisation speed.
  3. After taken out from refrigerator, leave it in room temperature to warm it up before use (you may use your hand / warm surface ex. hot water kettle to speed up process)
  4. Pat the package or shake the tin before open to loosen up the powder
  5. In bag: squeeze out excess air before sealing the bag tight
  6. In tin: you may add a ziplock bag outside to reduce air floating in


  1. On first use, soak chasen into hot water for 20 minutes so to let the bristles to spring up before first use
  2. Before use, soak chasen into hot water again so to let the bamboo softens and releases some stuck powder
  3. After use, place chasen back to hot water to twist it to separate tea leftovers from the tool.
  4. For powders that cannot be washed away, use toothpicks / toothbrush to cleanse. No detergent is required.
  5. Please chasen back on its stand to keep it spread apart.

Chawan / Matcha Bowl

  1. Chawan can be cleansed just like regular bowls
  2. Before use, warm it up with hot water to reduce temperature difference between hot water and the bowl. Dry it before adding powder so it won't be stuck in bowl.

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What is the Best before date?

Marukyu Koyamaen Japanese teas (including matcha, sencha, etc.) and other non-matcha teas purchased through MatchaEasy will have 4-6 months of Best Before dates. For other products, please check the details from the product description. Always keep product in refrigerator to keep them fresh.

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Can I still use tea after Best before dates?

Unless water / moisture was inside the tea, it is not easy for tea to spoil but will simply lose its fresh flavour / aroma / colour gradually.

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Are your powders authentic? How to tell?

All Japanese teas sold by, particularly ones from Marukyu Koyamaen particularly, are imported thru authorised reseller of Marukyu Koyamaen in Japan. Teas are then shipped to Hong Kong via expedited courier to minimise shipping variance and guarantee freshness.

Products from Marukyu Koyamaen, due to its popularity, are subject to imitations. To ensure all products you receive are authentic, a unique QR code is added to each tea product.

You may download Marukyu Koyamaen app via Google Play / Apple App Store and scan the QR code for authenticity. Simply peel off the protection sticker and use the app to check! In order to minimise code reproduction, success message will only be shown 3 times.  If the code you scan indicates it is already scanned previously, it means the product may not be authentic.

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