How to choose the right tea whisk for you? How to choose a suitable chasen?

Tea whisk is an indispensable tool for tea ceremony
Same as tea powder, good or bad depends on personal perception/needs​
This time I will share how to choose the right tea whisk.

【Long handle tea whisk】​

Easy to beat the tea bubble, the foam is relatively rough
Use it when the fineness of tea brewing is low
If you are in a hurry or simply make matcha latte

*Using an impossibly blended tea whisk
The shape of the tea whisk will change over time​

【White Bamboo Chasen】​

Specially designed tea whisk in addition to ornaments/knot color matching​
The tea handle is also thinner than the traditional one, suitable for girls with slender hands.
The fineness of tea brewing is similar to that of traditional tea whisks​

【 Traditional Chasen 】​

Bamboo strips (ears) expand like blossoms​
Can make delicate and thick tea
Tea brewing is even better than milk frother
Novices need time to master the movement/strength of tea brushing​
For friends who pursue the quality of finished products/learn tea well​
is an indispensable tool


#LearnMatchaEasy - Chasen​

【 Long Bamboo Whisk 】​

Easier to handle but the quality of foam is comparatively lower.​
It cannot pair with Chasen Holder.​

【Yasaburo Chasen】​

Chasen with caring design - the handle is longer and thinner which is more suitable for ladies with delicate hands. ​
Decorated with charms and colourful thread s.​

【 Traditional Chasen 】​

Traditional handcrafted tools able to create classic matcha foam with rich texture. The quality is even better than electronic foam maker. Essential tools for all tea lovers.​

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