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Matcha and hojicha
The most obvious is that the color of the tea soup is different🟢🟤
But the two teas are also classified as green tea~

Hojicha is a tea commonly used in Japanese restaurants
Low caffeine content due to high temperature roasting
Suitable for all ages 🍂✨
Roasted aroma and mellow sweetness
give a warm feeling

The tea leaves that are made into hojicha are not limited to young buds. It can be seen in the picture that the upper roasted tea uses more tea stems than the lower one

Some people think that more tea stems reflect the lower quality of the tea. However, tea stems contain more theanine than buds, and the sweetness is more obvious.

Hojicha is easier to store than matcha
Because the tea has stopped oxidation after high temperature treatment
Basically no need to put a refrigerator


#LearnMatchaEasy - Like a leaf

The main difference between Matcha and Hojicha is the color difference.
Actually both of them are categorised as Green Tea.

Hojicha is common to served in Japanese restaurant because of low caffeine content, which is suitable for both elderly and children. ☕️🍂🍂

Hojicha tend to use different part of tea plant. As you can see the tea on upper photo include more stem compare with the tea on lower photo.

We recommend Hojicha to those who love coffee / not prefer vegetal flavour from tea.
Hojicha is strong with roasted aroma and sweetness that is suitable to drink in cold weather.



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