Ceremonial Matcha


Ceremonial grade matcha generally refers to matcha powder that can be drunk directly. It is the name used by various tea shops to classify tea powder.
Compared with roasted matcha powder, it is more bitter and astringent, and tea ceremony grade has a variety of flavors, including aftertaste, sweetness, and umami (taste)
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Lower grades of matcha powder still retain a little astringency. In addition to increasing the level, the astringent taste dissipates to bring back sweetness and sweetness. The higher the level, the more obvious the umami taste. The style of matcha will change according to the tea shop's planting and processing. Some styles are strong, some are gentle and soft, and some have nutty or floral notes.
  • Usucha (Thin tea) : suitable for daily drinking, brushing with a tea whisk to produce thick foam, full of aroma
  • Koicha (Thick tea): strong umami and aftertaste, suitable for tea ceremony or banquet

To order tea (thin tea) / practice tea (strong tea), you need a tea whisk , tea bowl , do you have it?

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