Chasen is a hand-made tool made of bamboo that is used to whisk usucha (light tea w/ bubbles) / koicha (thick tea w/o bubles).

How to choose

  • 100 bristles: Ideal for beginners with more strokes to make bubbles easier. Available with Japan, Korea, China made verrsions
  • 80 bristles: Recommended for ones who know how to whisk. It has a stronger strokes for better durability.
  • 🌸Sakura Charm Special design by Suikaen Yasaburo with not just an elegant charm but a thinner bamboo for easier handling for thinner hands. Available in multiple colour threads.
  • Long chasen: Design to be whisked inside mugs / cups to make matcha lattes
  • Chasen stand: Provide a strong support for chasen to keep its wide shape for better bubble whisking
  • Matcha Making Beginner Set by Marukyu Koyamaen: A great deal for beginner to enjoy its matcha making with all the tools required