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翠華園 谷村弥三郎 Suikaen Yasaburo

Sakura Charm Chasen

Sakura Charm Chasen

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Suikaen Yasaburo has been famous for making chasen and accessories since the Muromachi period. Their chasen not only equipped with an elegant sakura charm. It is made with thinner bamboo, which makes whisking easier for people with delicate hands. There are wherein thread woven into each of the tines and there are four different colour we offered : Sakura Pink, Usucha Green, Pearl White, Passive Black.

Will the charm affect whisking?
💡 No, it stays idle even the chasen is upside down. Just to make sure chasen is washed after use. 

How to use / clean chasen?
💡 Place the chasen into hot water before use. You may swirl it lightly. Old powder might be dropped off during this time. After use, place it back to hot water and repeat same procedure to clean it.

Is the stand necessary or more like a decoration?
💡 It’s necessary! The bamboo used to be in tube form but being widened to become chasen. It will gradually returned to original form, thus the stand is essential to keep the chasen in a proper widen form.

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