Matcha Making Beginner Set by Marukyu Koyamaen

丸久小山園 Marukyu Koyamaen

It always stumbles for matcha beginners: how to get all the tools ready? This set, designed by Marukyu Koyamaen, will serve well. It offers an attractive pricing to begin matcha journey. It includes:

  • Kohiki Chawan - Kohiki has a historic way of making ceramic bowls, carrying a simple yet functional design. A hole is right in the middle to help measure the matcha required (2g)
  • Nakata Kizo Kazuho chasen - made of old bamboos from Nara using Japanese technqiue, this Korean-made chasen has around 64 bristles suitable for learning both usucha and koicha
  • Yugen 20g - serves as an advanced matcha that also works as a great latte with dynamic flavour and aftertaste
  • Japan-made chakin - used for cleaning chawan, a requirement for chado

Courier is complementary with this set purchase. Suggest to supplement with a powder sieve to minimise clumps during matcha making.

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Country/RegionMethodFlat FeeFree Ship w/ Order
HK🇭🇰HK Post$0-
Australia🇦🇺HK Post$70$700
France🇫🇷HK Post$70$700
Germany🇩🇪HK Post$70$700
Indonesia🇮🇩HK Post$50$500
Luxembourg🇱🇺HK Post$70$700
Singapore🇸🇬HK Post$50$500
Taiwan🇹🇼HK Post$50$500
Thailand🇹🇭HK Post$50$500
UK🇬🇧HK Post$70$700

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