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🍵BakingMatcha PowderIntroduction:

Generally, the taste of tea powder for baking can be roughly divided into bitterness / tea astringency / sweetness / aftertaste

  • RindouBitter taste, can appear at high temperature or multi-layered taste, suitable for making bread, bagels, cookies, etc. or cheesecake, etc.
  • Higher grade tea powder such as Aoarashi, Isuzu, Yugen the higher the level The more obvious the aftertaste, it is suitable for low-temperature baking, cream, and frozen desserts, such as cream, ice cream, chocolate, etc.
  • Wakatake average taste, suitable for multi-purpose use
  • If you want to sprinkle matcha to add color/tea flavor to desserts, Specially Selected Don’t Cry - Matcha for Decoration already has powder and moisture-proof functions, and the sprinkled matcha can keep the fresh green
  • Lower grade tea powders are more yellow-green in color, higher grades are darker/light green

🍵 MatchaEasy's own brand Ceylon tea powder , Earl Gray tea powder is imported from Japan from Sri Lanka and India. It is smooth and retains the aroma of tea due to the low temperature

🍵 BakingRoasted tea powderSuitable for multi-purpose use. Tea powder differs in style and taste

🍵 Baking Genmaicha tea powderIt is also suitable for multi-purpose use because of the aroma and sweetness of brown rice. and brown rice content .

🍵 MatchaEasy's own brand Taiwan tea powder is 100% sugar-free and no flavoring added tea powder. It is grounded at low temperature to retain the unique floral, fruity and sweet taste of Taiwanese oolong tea. Taiwan tea powder is produced according to different seasons, and the styles are also different.

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