Marukyu Koyamaen Haru Kasumi 丸久小山園 春かすみ

丸久小山園 Marukyu Koyamaen

Haru Kasumi (春かすみ) is a special edition matcha for spring, carrying a noticeable astrigent, followed by creamy umami and touch of aftertaste, a very youthful flavour to enjoy the spring time.

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HK🇭🇰HK Post$0-
Australia🇦🇺HK Post$70$700
France🇫🇷HK Post$70$700
Germany🇩🇪HK Post$70$700
Indonesia🇮🇩HK Post$50$500
Luxembourg🇱🇺HK Post$70$700
Singapore🇸🇬HK Post$50$500
Taiwan🇹🇼HK Post$50$500
Thailand🇹🇭HK Post$50$500
UK🇬🇧HK Post$70$700

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