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Marukyu Koyamaen Organic Matcha

Marukyu Koyamaen Organic Matcha

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Organically cultivated matcha grown in Kyoto is a limited-production powdered tea. Farmers need to spend many years in a specific farmland to convert it into organic, and adjust the crops to achieve organic and organic fertile tea before harvesting and making tea. It is not easy! Because it takes time to make and has to pass certification, the price is slightly higher, but it is worth the money.


  • Jinyin: After a little bit of bitterness, there is an obvious fresh sweetness, and then there is a long aftertaste
  • Yinyin: The taste of tea is light, with obvious aftertaste and a little bit of bitterness in the follow-up. You can also try ordering tea for the first time


All products have been certified by Japan OrganicJAS.


Wholesale prices are available for restaurants/coffee shops/IG shops, pleasecontact us

  • Pre-order is a way to ensure the freshness of tea. Please read the pre-order policy.
  • Pre-order items need around 14-21 days
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