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Marukyu Koyamaen Low-caffeinated Matcha Tea

Marukyu Koyamaen Low-caffeinated Matcha Tea

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Green tea is not fermented during the tea making process, so the caffeine content is relatively high, but the tea brewing time and water temperature will also affect the caffeine content.

Marukyu Koyama's special technology produce low-caffeine matcha, a must-choice tea for tea lovers would like to have a sip of matcha at ngiht.The taste of low-caffinated matcha is sweet with astringency, and the taste is fuller.

Caffeine Content (For Reference Only)

Normal matcha - 3.2g Caffeine / 100g matcha

Low-caffeinated matcha - 0.7g Caffeine / 100g matcha

Again, caffeine content varies with difference water temperature / brewing time. 


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