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MatchaEasy Yame Matcha - Supreme

MatchaEasy Yame Matcha - Supreme

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MatchaEasy Yame Matcha Collection

Yame City, famous for its top-quality gyokuro and matcha tea, has a tea flavor that is mainly sweet and umami; The tea is fragrant and the color is brighter.

After many searches and tasting tea, we directly cooperated with Yame Tea Farm to launch two types of Yame matcha.


Yame Matcha

The tea color is bright, with sweetness and a slight tea astringency and grassy; It is also suitable for baking and drinks.

Yame Matcha - Supreme

The color is brighter, with sweetness and slightly freshness;It is also suitable for baking, beverages, and elementary tea ceremony.



Best before Date: 8 months+

Wholesale prices are available for restaurants/coffee shops/IG shops, please contact us


  • Pre-order is a way to ensure the freshness of tea. Please read the pre-order policy.
  • Pre-order items need around 14-21 days
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