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New Tea 2023 Hand Kneaded Sencha - Reservation (Scheduled to be shipped in mid-June)

New Tea 2023 Hand Kneaded Sencha - Reservation (Scheduled to be shipped in mid-June)

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Jing Oka Hand kneaded sencha 】- (bagged)

Tea master: Tea master with the title of eternal celebrity, 60 years old with rich experience in kneading tea, has won four championships in the Japanese national tea kneading competition

Origin: Shizuoka

Weight: 10g

Packing: bagged

Brewing recommendation: tea leaves 5 grams water 100mL

Shizuki Oka Hand Kneaded Shallow Steamed Tea ] - (Canned)

Tea master: Shizuoka tea master kneaded shallow steamed tea for four hours, using hand-picked tea leaves, to ensure that the freshest part of the tea is collected. Light steamed tea soup is lighter in color, fresh and sweet.

Origin: Shizuoka

Weight: 10g

Packing: Canned

Brewing recommendation: tea leaves 3 grams water 40mL


What is new tea?

Simply put, tea leaves are harvested firsthand every year, and the tea plants accumulate taste at low temperatures in winter and are released when they warm up in spring. The harvest that is most important in the Japanese tea industry every year, umami and quality are of the highest level.

What is hand kneaded tea?

Hand kneading is a traditional craft in which tea is kneaded by the tea master according to the sensation and body rhythm to release the taste of the tea without compromising the integrity of the tea. Unfortunately, this craft has gradually decreased due to mechanization, and there are also annual tea kneading competitions in Japan to attract more attention to this craft, and at the same time give tea masters an affirmation.

What effect does hand kneaded tea have on taste?

Hand kneaded tea can maintain the integrity of tea leaves better than machine tea, the tea leaves grow needle-like before brewing, and the better the hand kneaded tea will see the complete tea leaves after brewing, so that the taste of tea is more completely released.

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