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祇園辻利 Gion Tsujiri

Gion Tsujiri Uji Shincha Sencha-Reservation Gion Tsujiri O Hashiri no Uji Shincha Pre-Order

Gion Tsujiri Uji Shincha Sencha-Reservation Gion Tsujiri O Hashiri no Uji Shincha Pre-Order

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What is new tea? Simply put, it is the first-hand harvested tea every year, which is particularly rich in nutrition! Different from the obvious astringency of ordinary sencha, the new tea has a "fresh" feeling, and the astringency is thinner because it is not matured, but its aroma is stronger, and the umami and sweetness are prominent. Another special feature of new tea is that after the tea is brewed, there are some small hairs on the surface. Those are not dust but called "hair". It is the high-grade tea that is seen when it is young, and it is a proof of freshness, drinkable, don't be afraid!

Gion Tsujiri generally has 4 new teas,This year's big run Uji fresh tea! Like Marukyu, the high-end Shirakawa and Shimizu fresh sweetness is more obvious. If you are interested, you should order it early and try it.

  • Shirakawa - The smell of tea! Pure and smooth, no bitterness, fresh and sweet, the taste of high-grade tea!
  • Shimizu - The tea fragrance is obvious, the taste is slightly sweet and umami, a relaxing cup of new tea
  • Shimizu + Yuanshan gift box - a good choice for tea lovers
  • We also have tea bags to choose from

* The order deadline for this order is May 28, and the product will be shipped around June 11.

The tasting period is 4-6 months. recommends that keep it in the refrigerator after receiving it, which can prolong the enjoyment time, but please use it as soon as possible.  

Shincha is the first harvest of the year.  

Equipped with most nutrients, shincha has a noticeable tea tree aroma with a very contrastingly mild flavour without much astringent flavour, highlighting a strong sweetness and umami.

Gion Tsujiri has 4 types of shincha, plus a new addition on Run-fast(!) shincha! Similar to Marukyu Koyamaen, I suggest to try the higher range to sense the best flavour from Shincha

  • Shirakawa - Strong aroma paired with no astringent but only sweetness and umami
  • Shimizu - Noticeable aroma, mild sweetness and umami for a pleasant experience
  • Tea bag is also available for a quick brew

Please enjoy the seasonal flavours that are only available at this time of year.

Best before Date: Within 4-6 months but it should be consumed as soon as possible after opening.

  • Pre-order is a way to ensure the freshness of tea. Please read the pre-order policy.
  • Pre-order items need around 14-21 days
  • Please contact us about the stock level if you urgently need certain items.
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