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Green tea powder into genmai tea

Green tea powder into genmai tea

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Chayi cooperated with Japanese tea farmers, According to the taste of Hong Kong people special flavor genmai tea series

Genmai tea has a light rice fragrance that is not bitter and has dietary fiber; The special blend of genmai tea is blended with two flavors, roasted tea and green tea powder that are familiar to Hong Kong people


Genmai Roasted Tea (50g bag): Roasted genmai and roasted tea multiply the aroma. Roasted tea is made with tea leaves and stems (branches) for a more refreshing and sweet taste. *Low caffeine, Japanese tea for all ages, suitable for drinking morning and evening*

Green tea powder into genmai tea (50g bag) : In addition to mixing sencha, genmai is mixed with green tea powder and genmai. The brown color is brighter and the taste is sweeter than that of ordinary genmai tea.* Green tea mixed with genmai, milder than pure green tea drinks,Suitable for drinking in the morning*


Best before date: 8 months

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