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Kabuse Karigane Tea

Kabuse Karigane Tea

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Karigane, also known as stem tea, is tea made from the stems of tea leaves. Generally, tea leaves are common when making or drinking tea. However, Japanese tea growers cherish and appreciate every detail of tea, understand its equivalence and make use of stem part.


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Feature of product
*Single Origin Single Cultivar*
Fine tea - Tea is made from a single tea garden and a single variety of tea. The tea has a more local and contemporary flavor. The tea master adjusts the tea making method according to the annual harvest. Each tea making and tea tasting is a one-time experience.

*Shaded planting*
Crown tea is a higher-grade green tea in Japan. It is harvested about two weeks before harvesting to increase the flavor substance (theanine) of the tea. The taste is more delicate and fragrant than ordinary green tea.

/We recommend to.../
Tea lovers who need some gentleness into their lives
- The taste is delicate with a soft and sweet aftertaste, gently taking away the troubles of life -

Tea lovers who like fragrant or floral tea
- Crown tea has a light nutty aroma and a light fragrance -

:: Let’s learn to appreciate the taste of different teas::
This tea style is mainly based on the stem tea part. The stem part has more theanine content than the leaves, and has a slightly sweet and refreshing taste.


Type: Loose tea (100g)

Packaging: canned


Hot soak recommendations

Tea 3-4g

Hot water 120-150mL (80 °C)

Cold brewing recommendations

Tea 3-4g

room temperature water 300mL


Best before Date: 12 months

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