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Chasen is a hand-made tool made of bamboo that is used to whisk usucha (light tea w/ bubbles) / koicha (thick tea w/o bubles).

How to choose
As a beginner who is new to matcha, 100 bristles version is ideal with more strokes to make bubbles easier. Once knowing the bubble whisking, 80 bristles is recommended with a stronger strokes for better durability. A variant Long is meant ones who whisk inside mugs / cups to make matcha lattes

Country of origin
Our beautifully-made Japanese chasen is made by famous chasen shop  Tatehiro Kubo that uses old bamboo from Nara. As a substitute, a shop opens a workshop in Korea that uses Japanese technique and same Nara bamboo to make chasens at a more reasonable price. But the cheapest Chinese chasens provide an economical choice for beginners who never make matcha before.

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