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祇園辻利 Gion Tsujiri

Gion Tsujiri Tsubokiri Matcha Tea - Depository

Gion Tsujiri Tsubokiri Matcha Tea - Depository

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Huqie tea is new tea picked in spring, and it is sealed and matured for half a year before opening to make tea. The mature tea has washed away the tea greenness, and the taste is thick and rich in umami.

  • Jushouの白 is a high-grade matcha, which is suitable for ordering thin tea.
  • Uses Kikuju's old-fashioned high-quality matcha, suitable kneaded thick tea.


* The deadline for ordering this time is October 7th, and the products will be shipped around October 25th.

The shelf life of Gion Tsujiri is 30-45 days. Store it in the refrigerator immediately after receiving it, which can prolong the enjoyment time, but it is still recommended to use it as soon as possible.

  • Pre-order is a way to ensure the freshness of tea. Please read the pre-order policy.
  • Pre-order items need around 14-21 days
  • Please contact us about the stock level if you urgently need certain items.
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