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祇園辻利 Gion Tsujiri

Gion Tsujiri Chokyu no Shiro - Pre-Order

Gion Tsujiri Chokyu no Shiro - Pre-Order

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Changjiの白 is a very popular advanced matcha, suitable for thin tea. The first taste is very smooth, and then it brings out the richness and then the aftertaste, the taste is well balanced. When making latte, the combination of umami and soufflé brings out a surprising flavor.

* Gion Tsujiri products are all pre-order products, and they will arrive in about two to three weeks*


* Gion Tsujiri Products are adjusted according to the production of tea powder, fresh and not hoarded, 30-45 days for expiration date* 

*It is recommended to store in the refrigerator after receipt, which can prolong the enjoyment time, but please use it as soon as possible. *


Reservation Instructions

  • The pre-order product means that the product is not in stock, and must complete the payment before placing an order.
  • After the payment for the reservation is completed, the order and its quantity are confirmed and cannot be changed.
  • It takes 2-3 weeks to order the goods, and you will be informed of the estimated delivery date after the order.
  • Estimated ship date may be delayed by factory or shipping. If there is a major change in the shipping date, Chayi will make a relevant notice.
  • If the pre-ordered goods cannot be shipped, Chayi will refund the full amount of the pre-ordered goods.
  • Pre-order is a way to ensure the freshness of tea. Please read the pre-order policy.
  • Pre-order items need around 14-21 days
  • Please contact us about the stock level if you urgently need certain items.
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