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Senchamatcha x MatchaEasy Matcha Tasting Class - Find Peace in Tea

Senchamatcha x MatchaEasy Matcha Tasting Class - Find Peace in Tea

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Drink tea to find satisfaction, order tea to find peace. Ordering tea is the process of making thin matcha. I love ordering a cup of thin tea every morning. In addition to enjoying the delicious tea, the most important thing is the self-exclusive tea-making process. I put all my attention on every step: cleaning the tea set, measuring the tea powder, heating water, and brushing the tea, just a few minutes Can make the mind and relax.
I hope you can enjoy the tranquility of ordering tea in the last matcha tasting class like me, and find a way to deal with the troubled times.

🍵During the 2-hour tasting class, first we will try matcha from different sources and prices, so that you can find the taste you like. After that, I will share the tricks of ordering tea, so that you can also find the joy of ordering tea at home, whether it is making pure matcha or making latte. (New addition) At the end, I will make a bowl of strong tea with Chang'an or higher-grade matcha, so that you can experience the difference in the taste of high-grade matcha.

July 9 (full) 
July 16th(Full)
July 23rd (1)
July 30 (2)
🍵Time: 2:45pm
- 4:45pm
🍵Location: Lai Chi Kok (3 minutes walk from MTR station)
(If you want private lessons at other times/more than 2 people, please contact us directly)
🍵Number of people: 6 people
🍵Price: $680, $1,300 for 2 people (checkout will be automatically displayed)
1️⃣ Matcha experience of 3 different levels + brands: thin tea + small latte
2️⃣ Snacks
3️⃣ Process understanding of ordering tea (thin tea) + DIY experience
4️⃣ Matcha Dirty Latte process understanding + DIY experience
5️⃣⭐️Premium strong tea experience
Amount to drink: about 4-5 cups of matcha
The course will use milk. If you don’t want to drink milk, you can bring other milk to mix and drink. However, there is no heating/frother service in the venue.
🍵Matcha brand used: Marukyu Koyamaen, Yasohachi Ryohasha, Nakagawa Seiseido Tea House, Hoshino Seichaen, Gion Tsujiri
💚P.S. If you buy tea sets/tea powder after the hall, you can enjoy a 20% discount 🙂

Please, each member can only sign up for a maximum of 2 people and choose 1 time slot! For more than 4 people, please contact us directlyto make an appointment

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