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Senchamatcha x MatchaEasy Matcha Tasting Class

Senchamatcha x MatchaEasy Matcha Tasting Class

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Drink tea to find satisfaction, order tea to find peace. Ordering tea is the process of making thin matcha. I love ordering a cup of thin tea every morning. In addition to enjoying the delicious tea, the most important thing is the self-exclusive tea-making process. I put all my attention on each step: cleaning the tea set, measuring the tea powder, heating the water, and brushing the tea, just a few minutes Can make the mind and relax.
I hope you can enjoy the tranquility of ordering tea in the last matcha tasting class like me, and find a way to deal with the troubled times.

🍵During the 2-hour tasting class, first we will try matcha from different sources and prices, so that you can find the taste you like. After that, I will share the tricks of ordering tea, so that you can also find the joy of ordering tea at home, whether it is making pure matcha or making latte. 🆕Finally, I will use Chang'an or higher-grade matcha to make a bowl of strong tea, so that you can experience the difference in the taste of high-grade matcha.

🍵Days: June 11/18/25, July 2
🍵Time: 2:45pm
- 4:45pm
🍵Location: Kitchen Zoo, Room 812, Hsin Cheong Building, Lai Chi Kok (3 minutes walk from MTR station)
(If you want private lessons at other times/more than 2 people, you can PM me directly)
🍵Number of people: 6 people
🍵Price: $680, $1,300 for 2 people (checkout will be automatically displayed)
1️⃣ Matcha experience of 3 different levels + brands: thin tea + small latte
2️⃣ Snacks
3️⃣ Process understanding of ordering tea (thin tea) + DIY experience
4️⃣ Matcha Dirty Latte process understanding + DIY experience
5️⃣⭐️Premium strong tea experience
Amount to drink: about 4-5 cups of matcha
The course will use milk. If you don’t want to drink milk, you can bring other milk to mix and drink. However, there is no heating/frother service in the venue.
🍵Matcha brand used: Marukyu Koyamaen, Yasohachi Ryohasha, Nakagawa Seiseido Tea House, Hoshino Seichaen, Gion Tsujiri
💚P.S. If you buy tea sets/tea powder after the hall, you can enjoy a 20% discount 🙂

Please, each member can only sign up for a maximum of 2 people and choose 1 time slot! For more than 4 people, please contact me directlyto make an appointment

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