Chawan - Matcha bowls

Many people want to have a matcha bolw, but an ideal matcha bowl that matches one's preference and style is not easy.

Some key aspects of a good bowl: the bowl needs to be 11cm-13cm in diameter to allow chasens to move freely. The bowl has to be 6cm tall so tea won't spill easily during whisking. Bowl interior is best to be smooth to minimise chasen damage.

Don't assume chawans made in Japan are all fine. Sometimes the bowl is too small. Sometimes the finishing is not ideal so may hurt chasen.

We have 3 types of matcha bowls + beginner set to choose:

  • Kyoto-ware chawan with spout : a sold-out bowl made by Marukyu Koyamaen to be used as a matcha bowl or a latte-making bowl
  • Kutani White-Dot Chawan: Kutani-ware is characterized by its hand-drawn pattern. This white ceramics is decorated by white dots hand-dotted before painted with gold and other colours.
  • Tokoname chawan with spout: A well-made bowl ideal for making tea lattes by making a short matcha, or pouring into cups in preparation of latte.
  • Matcha starter set: Designed by Marukyu Koyamaen to provide a price-friendly combo to learn making matcha!