Matcha Latte

Basically, all tea powders can also be used as Tea Latte. Different methods x different tea powders x different milks can make tea lattes with many different flavors.

The following are the tips obtained after a long period of tasting and matching. We encourage tea lovers to try different tea powders to find their exclusive taste.

How To Choose

  • Matcha (Single Origin)
    • MatchaEasy Wish Matcha (Okumidori) specially with nutty favour which come from slightly roaster matcha. It creates a matcha latter with a bit astringent and long lasting aftertaste. 
    • MatchaEasy Luna Match (Samidori) Pleasant matcha with sweetness. It can create a matcha latter with pleasant sweetness and a bit umami. 
  • Matcha
    • Aoarashi Can make latte with sweet and bitter, like the taste enjoyed in high-quality coffee shops outside
    • Isuzu Only in a high-end coffee shop can you drink a latte with less bitterness and more sweetness
    • Yugen (Recommended) The latte made is not bitter and has rich and multi-layered flavors. It is a luxury to enjoy at home
    • Sweetened Matcha Powder No complicated utensils required, Delicious lattes can be made without a sieve or tea whisk
  • Hojicha
    • Kyoto Stone-Grind Premium Hojicha Premium Hojicha is the highest grade we offer. It has strong roasty aroma and you can taste the long lasting roasty and sweetness. It can make high quality hojicha latte. 
    • Marukyu Koyamaen A / B has a strong charcoal flavor. Powder A has a stronger astringent taste, and powder B is relatively mild.
    • Kogetsuen Hojicha Powder It has unique favour in sweetness, which only found on high temperature roasting tea. Recommend for those enjoy a slight caramelised sweetness of hojicha latte.
  • Brown rice tea
    • MatchaEasy Genmaicha tea powder Grinded high-quality brown rice and sencha, with a distinct aroma of fried rice, sweet and sweet aftertaste
  • Oolong tea

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