Tea Latte

Basically, all tea powders can also be used as Tea Latte. Different methods x different tea powders x different milks can make tea lattes with many different flavors.

The following are the tips obtained after a long period of tasting and matching. Chayi encourages tea lovers to try different tea powders to find their exclusive taste.

How To Choose

  • Matcha
    • Aoarashi Can make latte with sweet and bitter, like the taste enjoyed in high-quality coffee shops outside
    • Isuzu Only in a high-end coffee shop can you drink a latte with less bitterness and more sweetness
    • Yugen (Recommended) The latte made is not bitter and has rich and multi-layered flavors. It is a luxury to enjoy at home
    • Sweetened Matcha Powder No complicated utensils required, Delicious lattes can be made without a sieve or tea whisk
    • Special Cold Matcha Powder Sugar-free and non-agglomerating tea powder, you can directly add water without powder, make a delicious latte, the taste is close to Qing Lan
  • Hojicha
    • Kogetsuenmade brownish-yellow latte, latte with strong tea flavor
    • Marukyu Koyamaen A / B has a strong charcoal flavor and a sweet aftertaste. Powder A has a strong astringent taste, and powder B is relatively young and mild
    • Sweetened Hojicha Powder No complicated utensils required, [_0127 _5_5] [ _0127_5_12] Delicious latte can be made without a sieve or tea whisk
  • Brown rice tea
    • MatchaEasy Genmaicha tea powder Grinded high-quality brown rice and sencha, with a distinct aroma of fried rice, sweet and sweet aftertaste

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