Powder for Baking



Quick guide for Tea Powder (For Baking) :

  • Matcha has few noticeable flavours : bitterness, (aftertaste) sweetness, and umami. Tea powder for baking normally included first two types of flavours.
  • Tea powder with comparatively reasonable price (Rindou), bitterness is strong even used for bakery under high temperature.They are more suitable for baking bread, bagels, cookies, canelé, cheesecakes, etc.
  • Tea powder with higher quality (Aoarashi, Suzuki, Yugen), more expensive but aftertaste sweetness is   stronger which is suitable for frozen dessert such as cream, lattes, cookies, chocolates, cheesecakes.
  • Watatake carries a more balanced flavour and suitable for multi-purpose.
  • Pastry made by tea powder with lower pricing would be more yellowish. Comparatively, tea powder with higher quality can present a more vibrant green colour.

Tea powder for baking are suitable for all bakery use. Different powder have their own special flavour and character. Kogetsuen present a yellow-brown colour with stronger aroma and balanced astringent flavour. Marukyu Koyamaen A powder / B powder carries a charcoal aroma and colour with subtle cocoa flavour, with noticeable aftertaste. B powder compared to A is finer. It can create a more subtle flavour and smoother texture which is ideal for cream / latte use.